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Georgia is included in one of the top ten most expensive states for car insurance. If you are residing in the U.S. and drive a car, you should have the proof of your financial responsibility. Today car insurance expenses are making you get down and you are seeking for the ways to find out how to control maximum of what you spend. We all want to reduce our expenses to least.

Fastest path to cut the costs is by making comparisons of one insurance company with the rest. That's the basic thing and not a big deal to get comparisons of same types of insurance in several companies. First of all you should be certain about the coverage, what you think you will need. Afterwards probably you should start with car insurance agent. He is the one who can guide you which car insurance policy fits you the best.

You will be issued the insurance binder if it is the first time for you to purchase insurance for the vehicle, but this binder would be valid for a certain time period. Right after the purchase of vehicle, you receive a copy of your bill of sale along with an insurance declaration page. This serves as a proof of insurance.

If you fail to maintain proper insurance, it could lead to the revocation or suspension of vehicle's registration. If an uninsured vehicle is found being involved in an accident, the owner will have to pay the fines and vehicle will also be impounded.

Penalties of having no proof of car insurance or failure to maintain financial responsibilities could make you face:

*Suspension of vehicle for up to six months.

*A reinstatement registration fee of up to $160 could have to pay and also a lapse fee of $25.

*If you are caught driving your vehicle before paying the fees or reinstating the registration, then you will have to pay misdemeanor charges too

These laws can be read in detail at



If the driver has not had any traffic offense for the past three years, or has not had any chargeable accident within the past three years gets you good driver discount.


If you have completed a driver education course which was conducted by a licensed or certified instructor. That course must be included at least thirty hours of classroom instruction about basic traffic rules plus driving experience of at least six hours under actual road and traffic conditions. You have to submit the evidence of completion of course to the State Farm.

Males and unmarried females under the age of 25 who are full-time students, and in the upper 20% of class or had a grade average of B gets you good student discount.

You may be eligible to get multiple automobile discount if two or more vehicles, that are insured with State Farm or the owners of the vehicles residing at the same address.

More information and basic guideline on insurance can be found at the georgia DMV website.

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