Georgia Car Insurance Consumers Wise To Check Out Competitive Rates Before Purchasing A Policy

Many drivers across the state of Georgia are smart drivers and in more ways than one:  the smart driver knows about Georgia Insurance law to a degree and is aware of discounts.  The following article provides the reader with information regarding Georgia law requirements when a driver is involved in an accident.  It also provides the reader with other valuable forms of information in way of safe Driving in Georgia, and Insurance discounts and coverage relative to cars.


Georgia is not a state where it is wise to let the grass grow underfoot, when it comes to claims filing or in waiting for the Insurer to handle the claim.


The State of Georgia does not precisely stipulate the number of days a company can administer claims processing---so reasonably speaking, it is sometimes difficult for the insured to hold insurers accountable for inaction after the occurrence of an accidental event.  That aside the Statute 33-6-34 is quite indicative that "failing to provide forms necessary to file claims within fifteen calendar days of a request with reasonable explanations regarding their use" is improper.  So it is wise that the insured take note and make absolute certain that his or her company is not shuffling its feet or taking its own sweet time with regard to any phase of the claims process or eventual payment.  If the insurer seems to be taking far too long with regards to any phase of claims administration:  then it is right that the insurer contact the Department of Insurance and file a Complaint.  The latter is not a maybe, or "ought to" kind of endeavor.  The insured must make certain if the company does not provide expeditious administration as far as claims, that he or she file the necessary documentation with the State's Department of Insurance---the preceding action cannot be underscored enough.


The person involved in the accident is entitled to the resale value which the car lost due to the accidental event.


Persons simply do not know that when their automobile is involved in an accident in the state that they are properly entitled to the Resale value which their vehicle lost due to the accidental event.  So in this respect:  the insured is wise to make certain that the company which provides their automobile insurance is not stating 17c is the only way which to make the determination of Diminished Value. The assessment tool is not all too fair with regard to the opinion of many state residents.  The insured, is advised then to make note of it; and request an USPAP Compliant Appraisal Repot be performed by a third party. 


Discounts offered to younger students by insurers prove highly encouraging when the student possesses a strong academic record


Unfortunately, for youngish drivers or those under the age of twenty-five, higher insurance rates apply across the board---no matter what state the insured resides.  This is not necessarily every one of the persons involved within this group statistic's fault.  It is just, comparatively-speaking, that it has been shown twenty-nine percent of all accidental events happen to individuals who are under the age of twenty-five.  However, in order to get around higher rates:  the younger person does have an option.  The young person may take a discount if he or she is ranked within the upper academic tier of her or his class---that being twenty percent; possess a grade point average of B or better; or a 3.0 grade point average or upwards; or if he or she makes the Honor Roll or the Dean's List.  The younger person is able to take a discount generally with most automobile insurers if he or she fits within any of the preceding categories.


The wise insured knows that bundled packages make for cheaper rates


Probably many state residents already know that combining their automobile policy with that of their homeowner's policy makes for more reasonable rates; while some do not know the difference is substantial.  If the insured reader is not taking advantage of the savings as to bundled packages or policies, he or she will be making a wise move by way of assuring both policies are handled by the same trusted insurer.  In other words, the individual who becomes a homeowner is wise to determine the amount of savings incurred when combining his or her home policy with that of  a pre-existing automobile policy---if that is the case; or in bundling policies respective of home and auto into one package.


Any person Driving in Georgia who does not insure his or her car is not wise


Any person who drives in the state who does not insure his or her car with even the minimum of liability coverage is making a huge mistake.  The minimum requirement is 25/50/25 or coverage of $50,000.00 for all individuals involved in an accidental event.  This amount is subject to a limitation of $25,000 per each person and $25,000 in way of property damage:  if the reader is curious what 25/50/ 25 infers.  The laws within the state are quite strict; and a person driving without the proper amounts of coverage may face penalties for non-coverage of his or her automobile including: Misdemeanor charges; suspension of their driving privileges and license for up to 6 months; and other ancillary fees.  All the penalties, criminal charges and fees are relevant to how long the insurance has lapsed or how long the individual has been driving without the proper insurance.  So as the reader may see:  driving without coverage is definitely not a consideration and proper coverage must always be taken seriously.


The deductible amount is important


Persons in the state who are relatively safe drivers and who save regularly are wise to look at attaining a policy with a higher deductible.  The higher deductible can improve the rates of insurance significantly---saving any person who makes use of this option a great deal of money over the long term.  So, unless an individual has been involved in a great many accidents, he or she is making a good move in opting for a higher deductible.


Driving in Georgia has its advantages for the individual who participates in a  defensive driving course and who possesses a good driving history


It is wise for the state car Insurance consumer to check out discounts applicable to defensive driving courses and when it is he or she has a history of safe driving.  Many consumers find they are entitled to discounts of up to ten percent off the price of the policy with many insurers across the state.


The best policy (err---no pun intended) is to be truthful


The wise consumer knows it is a mistake not to mention to his or her insurer any accidental events or traffic infractions he or she has been involved in or incurred, respectively.  They know that the company will find out the truth eventually and not making his or her insurer aware of accidents or traffic violations, from the beginning, may subject him or her to even higher rates---especially if the insurer believes the insured is not entirely trustworthy.  So it is wise to make it a point:  always lay everything out on the table for the prospective insurer.


Prepayment of insurance for cars allows the insured to save substantially


It is in good measure, for the insured, too, to find out if a prepayment of the policy will save him or her money on the policy.  The preceding action of discounting a prepayment is generally true of all reputable insurers across the board.   The individual who pre-pays his or her insurance can greatly reduce the cost of his automobile insurance on an annual basis.  The action is performed by paying for the entire cost of the policy up-front. 


The insured is wise to evaluate if he or she is over-insured


Cars which are worth less than one-thousand dollars generally do not require coverage in way of comprehensive or collision insurance.  Basically, if such a car is involved in an accidental event, the price of the insurance may end up costing the consumer more than the value of the car.


The intelligent consumer compares rates and customer service of insurers


It never hurts for the consumer, seeking coverage, to compare insurers with regard to rates and customer service levels.  Certainly, fast claims administration, and competitive rates are important if the consumer becomes involved in an accident; and in way of saving money, respectively.


In conclusion with regard to Cars and Driving in Georgia:


Persons seeking Insurance for their respective Cars while Driving in Georgia are making wise moves in researching the many discounts available to them in way of car insurance.  Even though it is a necessity, opportunities exist where competitive pricing may be found with very well established state insurers:  and the wise consumer will take advantage of the fact.


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